Find cheap car rental in USA – Rent a car in Miami!

Cheap car rentals in Miami lets you enjoy and explore Miami beaches

Miami is a lovely city, which deserves to be closely explored. Rent a car in one of the cheap car rental companies, and you will be able to do that. There are a lot of places to see, like beaches to see during the day and nightclubs at night, so get a holiday car and explore them.

Still, what about traffic? Well, this is a big problem in Miami, and South Florida generally. People don’t follow signs, lights or any rule in traffic. Accidents are happening on a daily basis, people drive in a strange and funny way and everybody tries to get away from the freeway as soon as possible. But if you still decide to rent a car, what to do? First of all, find a car rental that offers insurance for the car, as accidents might happen at any time. Second, here are some tips to avoid traffic in Miami:

•    US1 or South Dixie Highway, the route from downtown Miami to Keys, must be avoided by all means, during 6:30-9:30 AM, if you go north, and 3-7:30 PM if yoTraffic in Miami: be prepared if you rent a car in USAu go south.
•    I 95 must be avoided as well during rush hours: 7-9 AM if you go south or 3-7:30 if you go north.
•    836 or Dolphin Expressway is a total hassle if you want to go East between 7 and 9:30. Also, there is a 1.25 USD Fee if you want to go to downtown or South Beach
•    State Route 826 – Palmetto Expressway must be avoided at anytime. They say that even late at night, the traffic is incredibly bad.

Parking is actually more accessible than it might seem, after looking at traffic information. A very popular way is to use public parking garages. Prices are almost the same for all of them: 15 USD for 24h, or 1 USD per hour, during the first 4h.  Also, the city has 64 parking lots all over the city, with 1 USD per hour and a maximum stay of 8 hours, and many other parking opportunities. Your holiday car should easily find its own space.
If you consider these simple advices, and most important, if you can handle impossible traffic and impolite, annoying drivers, than you should rent a car in Miami. If not, don’t even consider the possibility, or it will ruin your holiday.

If you plan on visiting all the attractions in Miami, it is definitely better to rent a car. There are certainly plenty of things for you to do, whether you’re into beaches, art or American football. Car rental in Miami will help, no matter what your destination is!

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