Rent a car in South America and discover the latin life-style

A trip to South America is a truly unique experience! Thinking about renting a car? Well, that’s a big challenge: South America is very big of course, but more importantly, it is very different from one area to another.

In some places you harldy find any road, so obviously, if you want to go there, you’ll need a vehicle that can handle itself of road. In other areas, a regular car will do quite well. Do a little bit of research before deciding whether to rent a car for the whole holiday or simply use different car rental companies in different cities. Or, just choose a vehicle that can work off road and on highways as good as possible.

In other parts of the world, public transportation can be a great way to move long distances, but this is not the case in South America.What’s more, you can barely find places with public transportation. If you’re such unlucky to get in one of the areas without public transport, it can literally take days to move between areas. Thus, if you want to get anything done, you really need to rent a car.

The question then remains: where can one actually rent a car in South America? Luckily, this is not as big of a problem as one might expect. There are actually quite a lot of car rental companies in South America, though they’re usually located in the bigger cities.
Even more impressive is the fact that you more or less have the same choice of car as in other parts of the world. It is however recommended at least rent a car with four wheel drive, just to be on the safe side.
Making your way around South America by car, can be a challenge from time to time. Driving up in the mountains, or where the roads disappear completely on a regular basis, can be mighty challenging. This is not something that an inexperienced driver should endeavor to do.

The coolest part: in South America it is actually possible to hire a driver, at a very reasonable price. The car rental company may often be able to help you with advices and contact. Enjoy!

Rent a car in South America


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