Car rental in Turkey – Rent a car in Turkey to enjoy sun and fun

Car rental in Turkey is not like most other countries, as it is not yet a part of EU. Turkey is a beautiful country, which is why many European tourists go there every year. Most tourists fly to Turkey, and once they’re there, they immediately rent a car.

When you rent a car in Turkey, be aware of the road conditions. The roads in Turkey aren’t as good as the ones we know from Europe. You might want to rent a car that’s rather tough, instead of a smaller and compact one. In the big cities like Istanbul and Antalya renting a car is essential as the public transportation isn’t even close to European standards.

Turkey is an amazingly cheap country. You can get a meal and something to drink for almost no money there. You can also easily find very cheap car rental in Turkey. Several cheap car rental firms are placed right next to the airports, making it fast and easy to rent a car. Turkish car rental firms are used to tourists who want to rent a car as soon as they arrive. They won’t be surprised, if you ask to rent a SUV or a luxury car right at the airport.Rent a car to enjoy wonderful Turkey

You owe Turkey a visit to at least a few of the huge temples, the sandy beaches and the incredible view from the mountaintops. You can make this a lot easier for yourself, if you rent a car from a cheap car rental firm from the beginning. You’ll end up doing it once you’re familiar with the Turkish public transportation anyway – save yourself that experience!

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