Rent a car in Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca is definitely a different experience from the main cities in Spain. In order to reach Palma, you will need to rent a car and drive there from one of the other cities on the island. Most other cities have roads that lead directly to the city – easily accesible if you rent a car.Rent a car - Palma de Mallorca

Taking the roads to Palma de Mallorca with the help of car rentals can offer stunning views. There are ocean-side highways and even tunnels in the cliffs. Inside the city itself, one of the most breathtaking views is provided by the Bellver Castle.

Its name literally means beautiful view.  Bellver Castle was built in the 14th century and offers a unique circular design. Inside the former royal fortress, you can look out over the Bay of Palma for its magnificent views.

Although not one of the best-known cathedrals in all of Spain, the Gothic Cathedral is definitely a place worth visiting after you rent a car in Palma de Mallorca. It houses Baroque churches and mansions with a Renaissance design.

For quite a unique experience, you should take your car rental down to one of several caves located around the island. The Caves of Drach, or Coves del Drach, are found at Portocristo. The lighting arrangements in the four chambers offer spectacular views for all those visiting – and visiting is easy if you rent a car in Palma de Mallorca.

Mallorca also has plenty of beaches for you to relax at. You should rent a car from a cheap car rental firm and drive west to one of the larger beach resorts on the island. That would be one of the most relaxing vacations you ever had indeed. That’s guaranteed!

If you’re ever on the island of Mallorca, then you should definitely rent a car and travel to Palma. It’ll be a lot of fun traveling down the coastline highway. Once you get to the city, take a look at the views provided by the Bellver Castle. It’s also a good idea to make your way down to one of the caves for a unique experience. All possible with a car rental.

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