Rent a car in Girona – Plenty of things to do w/ car rental!

Catalonia, Spain is a popular destination. It’s definitely worth the price to rent a car and drive to Girona. The town, which is thousands years old, offers plenty of things to see.

Rent a car - GironaOne of the main things to do after a cheap car rental is to visit the historic Jewish quarter. You’ll need to park your car in order to truly experience it. The cobbled streets are very narrow and run along various restaurants, shops, and bars.

Located in the old Jewish quarter is the Museum of the History of Jews. Going there will give you an insight on their history from the beginning of the city until they were expelled in the late 1400s.

While you’re in the mood to visit museums after you rent a car in Girona, you should also take a look inside the Museum of Art. It offers a varied collection of works from the Medieval and Renaissance periods. There is also a History of Girona city Museum which offers a history of the city.

One of the most popular destinations after a car rental in Girona is the site of the Arab Baths. There are five different rooms for you to visit in this building which was originally constructed in the 12th century.

Whenever you rent a car in Girona, you should also be advised to visit Sant Pere de Galligants. This ancient monastery is home to various pieces of religious architecture. There are also beautiful gardens that you’ll enjoy.

If you want to go on an excellent day trip, then you’ll need a car rental to get to the Pyrenees. After making the hour and a half trip, you can do some excellent skiing. Another option would be to drive 30 minutes from Girona to Costa Brava. In addition to the historical buildings, there are also sandy beaches with calm waters. Eventually, you can lay off your car rental and pick up a bicycle near the Pyrenees – it’s all up to you, when you rent a car in Girona. Car rental offers you maximum comfort.

You’ll know what we mean in no time if you do rent a car in Girona!

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