Car rental Rome – Rent a car and explore the Colosseum

Rent a car to visit Rome , one of the oldest and most photogenic cities in the world!

The surrounding Lazio region offers plenty of spots to visit, so you will definitely want to rent a car in Rome and see the villas, archeological sites, and beaches for yourself. Inside the city, there are many things to see like the Spanish Steps and Colosseum, and they’re all reachable if you find a cheap car rental firm.

The Colosseum was one of the biggest structures around during ancient Rome. Today, the elliptical structure is one of the biggest tourist spots. Another impressive building that you’ll want to see in your car rental is the Pantheon. Colosseum was originally built to serve as a temple to all the gods. Rent a car in Rome to see how Colosseum looks like today.

If you want to get the best view of the center of Rome, then you need to rent a car and travel to the Capitoline Hill, above the Roman Forum. There, you will find two of the oldest public museums in the world.
The Palazzo Nuovo offers Roman and Greek sculptures, while the Palazzo dei Conservatori is known for its sculpture and art galleries. You get admission to both with the cost of one ticket – an obvious must-see attraction if you rent a car in Rome.Rent a car and enjoy Rome freely

Whenever you go on vacation to Rome and get a car rental, you should strongly consider stopping by the Vatican City. It is home to famous landmarks like Saint Peter’s Square and Basilica. You will also find some of Michelangelo’s paintings at the Sistine Chapel.
For a unique adventure, you should rent a car in Rome from a cheap car rental firm and travel to the Parco Regionale dell Appia Antica. The regional park houses various catacombs including the most well-known of San Callisto.

There are certainly plenty of places to visit with a car rental in Rome. Plan on spending a lot of time both inside and outside the city taking in the sights. The Lazio region outside the city is well-known for its wines – wines, which are easy accesible if you rent a car in Rome.

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