Car rental Flensburg – Rent a car in Flensburg

Located in Germany, the city of Flensburg offers plenty of things to do after you rent a car. Many neighbours, for example Danes, take advantage of the many shopping opportunities. As the city becomes more and more attractive for tourists, car rental companies started to spread.Rent a car in Flensburg - cheap car rental in Flensburg

If you rent a car in Flensburg, you should make a trip just outside the city to see the Glucksburg Castle. It used to house the old white castle, but its walls now offer a splendid view over the town and across the harbor.

Another place you should visit after you rent a car in Flensburg is the City Museum. It showcases the history of the town dating back a long time. Be ready to pay a small entrance fee to see it however.

The Phanomenta should also make your list of places to visit after a car rental. This science museum allows you to try experiments on your own. It’s definitely a great place to visit for the whole family.

When you’re ready to eat, you should drive down to the Old Town and make your way to Holm street. Get out of your car rental and witness the many historic buildings in route to prime locations for shopping and eating. It’s also located next to the harbor.

For a religious experience, get in your car rental and drive to the Holy Ghost Danish Church. Originally constructed in 1386, this Gothic building is the main place of worship for the Danish community in the city. It’s open to the public, so you should at least go inside and view the Baroque main altar. If you rent a car in Flensburg it’ll take no time to get there, which is why you shouldn’t cheat yourself for this experience.

Whenever you rent a car in Flensburg, you shouldn’t run out of things to do. The city offers a range of museums for you to visit with the whole family. The Glucksburg Castle will also give you an impressive view of the city.

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