Rent a car in Paris: car rental information in Paris

Of course, if you plan on going to France, you aim for Paris. Tour Eiffel, L’arc de Triomphe, Louvre with its two beauties –Venus de Milo and Monalisa – they’re all out there waiting to be discovered.

But should you rent a car or just use public transport? Well, let’s consider the two options:

  • Driving a car rental in Paris might not be as difficult as you think. The traffic is quite ok, and the comfort you get by renting a car is totally worth it. The problem shows up when thinking about parking places. It’s quite hard to find one, especially during rush hours. Also, you need to be aware of the unexpectedly big amount of motorcycles on the road and try to stay out of accidents with your car rental. Parking is permitted only is areas painted in white. Be aware that, if you park illegally, your car will be impounded.
  • Public transportation in Paris consists in Metro, RER trains and busses. Because there are many people travelling, public transportation can become a real nightmare. Crowded busses, not quite clean railway stations and an impossible amount of people.

It doesn’t sound comfortamble almost at all, so if you want to avoid all this, a cheap car rental company is the only option. Plus, it can take hours to get from one destination to the other, and you don’t have that much time to waste.

Rent a car to enjoy all the tourist attractions in Paris!

Rent a car in Paris to avoid public transport

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