Rent a car in Croatia – the new tourist paradise

Croatia is the best place to visit by car rental, if you’re not into overcrowded areas. With its glorious coastlines, forests and cities close to western standards, Croatia is like an uncut diamond, tourist wise. Rent a car in Croatia to enjoy its wonderful views
If you rent a car in Croatia, you can enjoy landscapes, tourist attractions and comfort. Car rental allows you to plan a trip exactly as you desire, and not limit your journey to pre-established routes set up by travel agencies. Discovering Croatia on your own, in the comfort of your cheap car rental will make your holiday much more enjoyable.

The financial advantage in Croatia is that the country is not yet part of the European Union. That’s why, you can find very cheap car rental for your holiday. To rent a car in Croatia will cost significantly less than to rent a car in most European countries.
Another great advantage is that you can always cross the border and visit the west of Italy as well. Almost all the car rental companies allow you to do that.

What to visit in Croatia? Well, the country has a long and impressive history, which can be explored by visiting old towns, such as Dubrovnik. Also, enjoy the sun on Zlatni Rat Beach in Bol, on the island of Brac. You can practise different types of sports, like hiking, skiing, cycling, cricket, kiteboarding or sailing.

When to visit Croatia? Well, they say that the weather is best during the summer months. Temperatures are nearly prefect. Although it might be a little bit too hot, there’s always the opportunity of just running into the sea.  Also, some hotels and resorts may be closed or not offer full sevice off season. Car rental services are available all year round.

Tips when visiting Croatia:
•    Be aware of sea urchins! They are quite popular in the area. To protect your feet, buy some rubber shoes and never let them go. Except when you’re driving your car rental :P
•    Most young people speak english as their second language, but older people speak German or even Russian.
•    Although Croatia is not a big country, it can definitely take time to explore it completely. Rent a car in Croatia, to view and enjoy all its wonders.
•    To avoid problems, rent a car from a cheap local car rental company. There have been cases where tourists  who have rent a car from foreign car rental companies were not allowed to use it in Croatia. Wonderful Croatia by car rental

Traffic in Croatia:
If you are planning to rent a car for your holiday in Croatia, but are worried about traffic, here are some useful information: There are motorways connecting all the big cities and tourist attractions, which have visibly improved in the past years. Also, other smaller roads are at a reasonable standard. You always can benefit of road assistance.

Plan ahead your trip to Croatia, find some cheap car rental firms, decide which car rental are you going to use and what type of car to rent. Also, do some reasearch about laws and interdictions. After you’ve checked all this list, just enjoy your holiday and your car!

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