Cheap car rental in Europe – Rent A Car in Europe

Planing on going for a road trip all around Europe? Such a nice idea! But are you going to rent a car or just bring your own?

You must know that some of the countries may have special laws, that forbid the acces on their territory with your own car (Such as Croatia)
If you wish to visit a greater part of Europe, during your vacation, car rental is really the only way to go. Europe is quite big, even compared to the US, and therefore some form of transportation is needed. Rent a car in Europe and go for a road trip!
In some areas, the public transportation system works quite well. Often, this is definitely not the case. It is really better just to rent a car.
There are a lot of car rental companies and usually, you can choose just about any car you want to rent. From a big American muscle car to  a small compact, an auto camper, or whatever you can think of. It should be noted, however, that the small compact city car rental, most likely will be the best choice. You’ll be passing through several big cities, with intense traffic. If you rent a smaller car,  you get better chances not to lose a whole day in traffic.

Unlike the US and Australia, long parts of empty road aren’t really that common. Of course, there are motorways and so on, but if you really want to experience Europe, you won’t be spending much time driving fast in a straight line.

Now, some may wish to rent a bigger car, such as an auto camper, save some money and have a colorful holiday. For sure you can do that. But keep in mind that auto campers are rather big and hard to maneuver through cities and small country roads. It would be an advantage to be familiar with driving this kind of vehicle, if this is the car you want to rent.
As always, there are many options in relation to car rental. One of the best parts of your road trip can be the benefit of choosing. Should you for example stick to renting a single car, and drive between all your destinations, or would you rather use more car rental firms, and change your holiday car all along the way?

Keep in mind! Europe is very big, but unlike US, there actually are borders! In some countries you may actually not enter with your car rental. So do a little bit of research before you start your trip, and decide which car rental option are you goanna use and which countries are you visiting.

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