Rent A Car in Africa – Cheapest car rental in Africa

Do you dear to experience Africa at its best? Rent a car tells you all important tips and tricks you need to know if you rent a car in Africa.

Although many people hesitate to visit Africa, it can be an incredible experience and insight to other culture, a different way of living and an impressive fauna and flora.
If you have hopefully decided to visit this great continent, there is one thing you need to be aware of: Honestly, the only way to actually enjoy your trip is to rent a car. Public transport is a whole adventure in some parts of Africa: they tend to be very crowded with people, stop very often, either for passengers or because something is broken. Also, there are parts of the continent where there simply are no roads. Plus, if you’re thinking about taxis, know that they are mainly shared taxis and rare to find.
So if you want to drive around freely and be able to move fast, you must rent a car in Africa.

You’ll probably be asking yourself: Ok, ok…. but how on earth can I find a car rental company is Africa? Well, you’ll be surprised by what I’m goanna tell you. There are actually a lot of cheap car rental companies, mostly located near airports and in bigger cities. And no, you’re not goanna drive some old car and be continuously afraid that it’s going to stop in the middle of nowhere. Most rental companies are aware of the situation, so they even have cars that help you go of road. Rent a car in Africa
The main condition that car rentals demand is to be over 25. The bad thing is that it’s also quite expensive. I bet you didn’t think of that, ha? If you want to rent a car in Africa for only a few days, be prepared to pay at least 75USD/day. Still, if you’re staying for a longer period of time, you can even get to paying 30 USD/day.
Another important fact: be aware that, even though you’re in a poor country, things cannot always be far cheaper than usually. For example, never accept to buy a car in Africa, no matter how attractive the offer might be. You will probably end up with a stolen car.
With all that in mind, you will be totally ready rent a car and enjoy your holiday in Africa.

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